Here is how you can get content from your Seedbox to the computer faster

The Seedbox is very handy when you are downloading and uploading files from the internet at fast speeds.  The speed ranges differently depending on the server. You can download to speeds of up to 1gbs. This means that a 1 Gb file can probably be downloaded in less than two seconds. The downloaded files are stored directly on the server. The only way to get them permanently is to move them to your computer. You will need your home internet connection to do it, meaning the speed is restricted to that provided by your internet service provider. From there, you can get rid of the files when they are no longer in use by just deleting them.

For most people, downloading the files from the server to the computer storage can be a hustle, especially when you are new at this. One of the fastest and most common ways to move the files is through FTP. The filr transfer protocol works to receive a file transfer connection. It will need your internet provider network to function. Switch it on to ensure the server is connections are established throughout the process. You can also resume a transfer that was not completed when moving it through the FTP when the connection times out or when you are tied up. The FPT can increase the transfer speeds through connecting multiple files and sending them simultaneously. You can also choose to use download managers to speed up the transfer. Most download managers will provide a https access to the downloaded files. You can move them by selecting the links and processing the move to your computer. Plugging will also work well to speed up the move. All you have to do is select the torrent and file until you get a download option and directory input.