How to make my phone read everything on screen out loud

Whether you are driving down the freeway, travelling in a subway car or even walking down a dark path at night when you are headed home, it is never advisable to take out your smartphone and light up the screen as you would normally.  Luckily, you can read the information on your phone while it is still in your pocket or bag. It is simply done through the speakers on your phone and here is how you can do it. Android has Google assistant that comes in several version on different phones. You can use it to read the directions, some text messages and short trivia questions or articles on your phone. You can launch it using a voice command you set up on your phone. It can read up to 5 of your newest messages and has the option of sending a reply to each text. Unfortunately, you cannot read from websites or your email using this technology.

From the settings on your phone, you can tap on the accessibility option then to the text to speech to change the settings to your likeliness. Turning the select to speak will add an icon on your navigation bar. To read a text, you will just need to tap on the icon that appears on the screen. You can choose to download external text to speech software that is accessible with the android system. The realistic voice generator free software on android is almost natural sounding but you can tell it apart from other programs. The TTS on iOS will respond to your voice commands. It gives you an option of replying the messages with your voice. The audio file is converted to text and forwarded to the sender. It can read out some of your latest emails, including the headings and body text.